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IRBAL Porto Granfondo 22 October 2017

Information to participants in IRBAL Porto Granfondo 2017

Dear IRBAL Porto Granfondo Participant,

We want you to know that your presence means a lot to us. Our biggest wish is that, when returning home, you feel as happy as all those who have contributed to set up this second edition of IRBAL Porto Granfondo.

Advices/Important Information

- All participants must obey TRAFFIC LAWS, since this event takes place on open roads.


Emergency contact

Medical assistance in the race – 932590701

Mechanical problem contact - 916700998

Both these numbers are inscribed in the frontal and shall only be used in the day of the race.

Medical assistance

it is provided by five doctors and two nurses, as well as firemen. At the finish line there is a medical assistance point for primary care.

Mechanical assistance:

the event will have mechanical assistance at the start and also along the route. Organization staff and vehicles provide for it. We advise each participant to take along with him the basic material and tools so he can repair simple mechanical problems, such as a puncture. Along the race there will be Neutral Support vehicles, driven by professional mechanics, with spare wheels, puncture material and tools. Wheel changing will only take place in case of mechanical failure. In this case, after the race, you must go to Registration Office to change back the wheels.


  • We advise all participants to choose in advance the direction they want to take in the courses' division, avoiding accidents. The division will be announced with signs, which are located 1km and 500m before it. Division is located on 19,5km.
  • In Granfondo’s 111km and Mediofondo’s 45km, in S. Pedro da Cova, there is a pave section that can become slippery, especially if it rains.


9 a.m. sharp, at Av. Gustavo Eiffel, Porto HOW TO GET THERE

- All participants must pass under the departure arch or they will not be classified.

- The first 3 km are “neutral zone”.

BOXES opening

Boxes will open at 8 a.m.

Departure for Granfondo and Mediofondo will be simultaneous, with participants being distributed by departure Boxes named as follows:

1-100 + VIP Registrations - Box IRBAL (guests)
101-400 - Box Europcar
401-700 - Box Love Tiles
701-1000 - Box CACB
1001-1300 - Box Oakley
1301-1600 - Box Garmin
1601-1900 - Box Lacoviana
1901-2200 - Box Lipor

Finish line control or arrival control closes at 4 p.m.

All those who disrespect their Boxes placement will be immediately disqualified.


  • At 19,5km there’s the division between Mediofondo (go ahead) and Granfondo (turn right).

Liquid and food supplies:

Mediofondo: 40km

Granfondo: 32km, 65km e 106km

- Feeding and hydration:

It is very important to remind the old unwritten cycling law which tells us “to eat before feeling hungry and to drink before feeling thirsty”. We advise each participant to take along some energy bars or gel.


it is better to use light derailleurs set ups, 34x25 or 39x27,
- The days before the race you should verify the state of brakes, tyres, chain and the general state of the bicycle.

- During the race:

It is better for each participant to choose a rhythm that suits his/her physical condition, always thinking in his own comfort, avoiding burning out and, ultimately, not being able to complete the race.


you must respect the organization signs, namely danger signs. All climbs have their distance indicated from the first kilometre, in decreasing order, as well as their average steep gradient in each kilometre. At the beginning of each climb there will be a sign showing its total distance and the average gradient.


Race numbers in the FRONT OF THE BICYCLE and in the BACK OF THE JERSEY are MANDATORY. The electronic chip, which defines classification and participant’s time, is placed in the frontal race plate, which shall be placed in the bicycle’s handlebar. In case of not having the frontal race number you will be disqualified.


All withdrawing participants will have two minibuses and a BROOM WAGON to carry them back to the finish line. These vehicles are in the back of the race, which means a long time waiting for them in case of withdrawal.


Right after finishing the race you will be able to see your classification on the webpage www.classificacoes.net

Finisher Medal: next to the finish line, you may pick up your Finisher medal.

Event photos

The organization will have five photographers in the race course, and the photos may be downloaded for free through the event’s official Facebook page Portogranfondo

Team/Support cars:

It is absolutely FORBIDDEN for teams or riders to have their own support vehicles in the race. The organization provides for Neutral Support cars and motorcycles, transporting spare wheels. All vehicles circulating inside the course that do not belong to the organization will be expelled by GNR.


The event insurance is destined only to riders who have registered as non-licensed.

Coverage and fee
Death 27.500€
Permanent Incapacity 27.500€
Treatment expenses – 5000€
Funeral expenses – 2700€
Fee – 60€
Company – Portinsurance

Riders who have registered as licensed, in case of accident, must activate the insurance of their respective federation. As it is stated in the event’s regulations.


Picking up the Participant’s Kit – Museu da Imprensa / Marina do Freixo - HOW TO GET THERE

Museu da Imprensa (Press Museum) (Marina do Freixo)

- October 20th, from 4 p.pm. to 8 p.pm.
- October 21st, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
- October 22nd, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Mandatory documents to pick up the Kit:
- Personal identification document
- Valid federative license, be it of the Portuguese Federation or other (in case you are licensed)

Third person picking up:
- The person picking up the Kit must show an identification document (or copy). In case he/she is licensed, must show the participant’s federation license (or copy).

Cadão Wine

Port Wine

Port Wine reception: the organization, sponsored by Vinhos Cadão, will offer a “Porto de Honra” to all participants and companions. Port Wine will be served at Cadão Douro tent (next to Registration Office) between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on October 21st, at the Museu da Imprensa (Press Museum), in Oporto.


Special trophy for Granfondo Male and Female winners.

- Granfondo and Medionfondo:
The first three riders in the following classes:
Elite (born until 1988).
Masters A (from 1987 to 1978)
Masters B (from 1977 to 1968)
Masters C (from 1967 to 1958)
Masters D (from 1957 to 1948)
Masters E (born in 1947 or before)

Elite (born until 1988)
Masters A (from 1987 to 1978)
Masters B (born in 1977 or before)

  • First 3 teams in the Granfondo.
  • There’s a trophy for the team with the biggest number of riders.

If there’s any Paracycling class with more than 5 registered riders, there will be trophies for the first three classified.

Podium and awards ceremony begins at 3 p.m. All those who will receive awards must be present.


The organization will have a free parking at about 4 km from the departure/finish line. There will be signs along the route from the parking to the departure line. HOW TO GET THERE

Official Clothes selling

Next to the registration office, on 20th and 21st of October, there will be a clothing tent where you may buy, among other products, the official garment of IRBAL Porto Granfondo 2017.




A final word towards ENVIRONMENTAL RESPECT and the prohibition of throwing waste on roads and roadsides.

The organization of IRBAL Porto Granfondo

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